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Top 5 GT Motorcycles in Canada


by Pascal Bastien ,

No. 2 - Triumph Trophy SE
The Trophy SE has been Triumph's top GT motorcycle since 2013. Understated in typical German fashion, this Brit has benefited from five long years of development. It might lose some points in the handling department, but there's more than enough features and amenities to compensate, including all the segment's must-haves plus height-adjustable headlights, a power-adjustable suspension, traction control, combined ABS, and a stereo with USB port.

Almost completely shielded from the elements, the rider on the Triumph Trophy SE enjoys regal comfort, predictable riding dynamics, and flawless triple-cylinder performance backed by lovely sound effects. It's a winning combination that barely misses the top spot in our GT rankings.

Triumph Trophy SE
Photo: Triumph

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