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2012 Lamborghini Aventador vs 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R (video)



With their badass fighter plane looks, state-of-the-art components, high-tech electronic driving/riding aids and gobs of power, the Aventador (for drivers) and the ZX-10R (for riders) are some of today's most ridiculously impressive machines. These marvels of engineering are designed to ignite passion, deliver mind-boggling thrills and satisfy our deepest, wildest urges.

Sure, one costs $412,000 more than the other (an undeniable advantage for the two-wheeler), but it isn't completely illogical to try to compare them in terms of technology and overall performance ... is it?

Aventador: tech on four wheels
With its oversized body, oversized wheels and extremely low driving position, the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador feels a little awkward on the road. And when you throw in a 6.5L V12 that deploys 700 furious ponies, it becomes immediately obvious that this fire-breather needs to be tamed on the track first. Nimbler than its predecessor, the Aventador is also lighter thanks to a carbon fibre coque. Lamborghini's engineers made every effort to ensure their latest masterpiece was less bestial than the Murciélago.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador front 3/4 view
With its oversized body, oversized wheels and extremely low driving position, the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador feels a little awkward on the road. (Photo: Philippe Champoux/

Much less complicated and physically demanding to drive, the Aventador benefits from the latest technological doodads when it comes to electronic driving aids: traction and stability control, ABS brakes, 7-speed robotized gearbox, adjustable exhaust valve and launch control. This comprehensive arsenal allows you to tear up the track without the risk of having to take out a second mortgage on the house.

ZX-10R: tech on two wheels
With a confining riding position, an ultra stiff suspension and 197 hp punched out at 13,000 rpm, the ZX-10R doesn't inspire confidence on the road either, and indeed it's mainly designed for the track. Like its impromptu rival, the ZX-10R benefits from all the know-how its engineers could muster in terms of electronics, suspension management and horsepower. Sophisticated frame, phenomenal power, a very nearly sentient Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System (KIBS), S-KRTC traction control and menacing looks: the ZX-10R is a worthy representative of the two-wheel genre.

Like the Aventador, the ZX-10R is much easier to live with than its predecessor, which was known for its sometimes overly aggressive personality. The new-generation 4-cylinder that motivates the Kawasaki is characterized by greater availability and a more linear delivery of power. The same goes for the frame. The ZX-10R emphasizes efficiency and accessibility. And like its Italian opponent, but for a different reason, the electronic riding aids allow the average Joe to have a little fun at the track without worrying about going home in a full body cast.

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