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2011 KTM 250 XC-FW SixDay Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

KTM has just announced the 250 XC-FW SixDay for 2011, a brand-new model that completes a remarkable line-up of Enduro machines at KTM. Designed for long distance off-road races, you can also have fun around the cottage with this type of bike, as they are easier to handle than a purebred Motocross on typical trails and open dirt roads.

This specialized engine, gearbox and suspension make the SixDay a pleasure to ride on all slippery surfaces. (Photo: Philippe Champoux/

The new bike is an intoxicating eye-catcher with its new SixDay livery, named in honour of the International SixDay Enduro, a mythical annual event that will be held in Mexico this year.

Like any self-respecting, race-ready Enduro bike, the new SixDay completes the already well-endowed XC-FW package with several essential Enduro-specific features: non-slip saddle with integrated map pouch, easily removable engine guard to make facilitate maintenance, forged aluminum triple clamp, quick-change brake pad system, axle extractor for easier tire changes, efficient lighting system, and cooling fan for the radiator. The SixDay also sports exclusive graphics and the only orange-coloured frame of KTM’s Enduro range.

The engine you want in an Enduro bike
The 250 SixDay engine benefits from all of KTM’s considerable know-how: always responsive, with excellent mid-range torque growing to a small storm of power as you reach the upper rpm range. The gearbox ratios are tailored for serious Enduro riding where tight, tricky sections (i.e., slow) are interspersed with flowing stretches (kind of like the roads or trails you like to have fun on…) The short first gear allows you to easily tackle the tightest trail, while longer 5th and 6th ratios (Compared to SX motocross models) allow for higher top and cruising speeds on open dirt roads. And thanks to the cleverly spaced middle gears, you unfailingly find the right gear/rpm for any situation.

As with the other Enduro models of the range, the SixDay comes with an air box that you can access without tools, featuring a large opening for evacuating debris and water, as well as a radiator cap that withstands higher pressure to allow you spend more time dealing with tight, slow sections without the engine overheating.

Here is the best 4-stroke we have ridden in the dirt so far, with impressive torque from mid-range all the way to a veritable explosion of power at the top. (Photo: Philippe Champoux/
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