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2011 KTM 250 XC-FW SixDay Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Frame – suspension combo made for racing
The well tuned combination of a stiff chassis and a rear suspension that can accommodate lateral movement makes for a stunningly precise machine. The rear wheel always seems glued to the ground and pulling hard, whether you are launching yourself over a jump, landing or carving out a corner.

The excellent spring-damping settings make jumping more fun than ever - and help you understang what Evel Knievel felt like! (Photo: Philippe Champoux/

The efficient damping from high-end WP components plays a great role in this easy use and efficiency. You can adjust damping for slow and quick compression as well as rebound and pre-load. Take a little time to calibrate the front and rear damping and preload, and the excellent feedback you’ll get will allow you to ride faster and with less effort than on other machines with less sophisticated equipment.

The 200g lighter forged aluminum Excel wheels reduce the unsprung and rotating weight, as well as the gyroscopic of the wheel, ensuring easier trajectory changes – a distinct advantage over bumps and at high speeds. To cap it off, the more efficient suspension is less exhausting for the rider, and thus better suited to long distance off-road riding.

The 250 XC-FW uses a 260mm disc in front and 220mm disc in back, both squeezed by dual-piston calipers equipped with a quick-change system for brake pads, and using braided brake lines for increased braking precision.
When bike and rider become one

The handlebars/saddle/fuel tank/radiator guard ensemble makes for almost-ideal race ergonomics, allowing the rider to become one with the machine and to tame it after only a few hours of riding. The well-designed saddle is grippier in back and helps hold the rider in place, making aggressive manoeuvres easier, as well as offering an essential measure of comfort for longer treks.

The saddle features a waterproof pouch to stow your maps and papers when Mother Nature is in a bad mood – or in case of involuntary aquatic adventures. In addition, the 250 XC-FW SixDay is delivered standard with two backlit odometers and a headlight that actually shines light, allowing you to run about after dark.

You can see the excellent seat that goes on over the tank and right up to the bar. (Photo: Philippe Champoux/
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