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2008 Suzuki GSX-650F Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

For 2008, the Bandit gets a fresh new look and three letters that have made Suzuki famous in the sportbike segment. The machine displays a full fairing with styling cues taken from the high-performance GSX-R, like the triangular headlight and the front air vents. This new fairing, which delivers full protection and striking looks, allows the 2008 GSX-650F to stand on its own. Talk about an easy yet effective way to transform one of the company's best-selling models!

This new fairing delivers full protection and striking looks.

Smooth streetbike
From a technical standpoint, the new Suzuki offers improved seating (though no longer adjustable) and better protection against the elements. At last, the rider's legs can take refuge behind wide flared fenders. The new windshield is perfectly up to the task, allowing you to sustain high speeds on the highway. The soft seat and comfort-tuned suspension make this bike a great travel companion for solo or two-up riding. Besides, the 19-liter fuel tank offers a range of nearly 300 kilometers.

Powered by the same liquid-cooled engine as the Bandit, the new GSX-650F is equally dynamic and smooth on the road. The ever so flexible 656.3-cc 4-cylinder delivers plenty of low-end grunt, which is extremely rare for a straight-line engine. It starts strong at 3,000 rpm only and proves very effective around 5,000 rpm. The rider benefits from excellent responsiveness, even in sixth gear. Such vivacity is met with a solid dose of power from 7,000 rpm all the way to the redline -- the sign of a true athlete. After all, you should remember that the engine of the GSX-650F produces a substantial 85 horsepower at 10,500 rpm.

The flexible engine delivers plenty of low-end grunt, which is extremely rare for a straight-line engine.

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