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2008 Suzuki GSX-650F Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Despite using the frame of the larger Bandit 1250, the 650F maintains a reasonable weight considering its steel construction. The sport-style instrument cluster features a white-face tachometer with maximum rev indicator. Make no mistake, however: the GSX-650F is a docile streetbike, not a track monster. Even the most inexperienced riders have nothing to fear, which is a testament to the outstanding user-friendliness of this popular Suzuki.

Suzuki's sporty streetbike will charm riders mainly because of the flexibility.

Sporty, but...
The GSX-650F willingly obeys to active riders... provided that they aren't too violent. I found it fun to ride on twisty roads even though the drivetrain shows clear weaknesses -- nothing too serious, mind you. The brakes are smooth yet powerful, boosting the confidence of beginners with safe, convincing stops. Not bad given the withdrawal of the old Bandit's antilock braking system.

Suzuki's sporty streetbike will charm riders mainly because of the flexibility, smoothness and pleasant character of its mellow 4-cylinder engine. After all, it's not designed for high levels of performance. So, while it may not arouse your passion to the fullest, the new 2008 GSX-650F can brag about offering easy riding dynamics, great versatility and commendable performance -- all in a totally irresistible red, white and blue package. Sportier, friendlier and way nicer, it has a lot to offer... at an interestingly low price.

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Photo Credit : Matthieu Lambert
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