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2008 Ski-Doo MX Z 600 H.O. SDI Preview



Following the instant success of the revolutionary REV chassis in 2003, BRP strikes again with the all-new REV-XP architecture. Ski-Doo engineers were given quite a challenge: to improve one of the industry's best chassis.

Not a single ounce is wasted
BRP designers and engineers decided to create a new snowmobile with a much lighter and stronger frame than the old REV chassis. Working with the latter, they started by inspecting and analyzing each and every part and component to reduce their weight and improve their efficiency. The engineers eliminated all the unnecessary ounces to achieve a significant reduction in overall weight... without compromising the global rigidity of the new chassis. The result is a 23-kg lighter, 37-percent stiffer platform than the 2003 REV chassis. Creating a standard-size, liquid-cooled snowmobile under 182 kilos had long been considered impossible. Yet, it's mission accomplished for BRP: the new MX Z Trail 500SS only weighs 181 kilos.

According to the company, the REV-XP chassis is the product of five years of intense development. It was entirely designed by computer -- a first for BRP. Mass centralization is considerably improved, as is the riding position, which offers more legroom. This was made possible by repositioning the pulley and chain case over the tunnel, which allowed the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis. As a result, the rider sits closer to the front in a more centered and ergonomic position, thus improving the new MX Z's control, stability and comfort.

Unique features
The new REV-XP chassis boasts plenty of unique features and technologies, including the revolutionary MaxLock lockbolt system that improves component rigidity and efficiency. The new platform also gets a 41-percent lighter toothed driveshaft as well as new Brembo performance brakes. The disc is now mounted directly on the driveshaft, while the calliper is mounted on the tunnel, where it is exposed to snow for improved cooling. Interestingly, this unique positioning makes it possible to brake even if the drive chain is broken.

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