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2007 Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Nightster Road Test


by Pascal Bastien ,

Harley-Davidson officially announced the market launch of the new XL 1200N Nightster in Orlando, Florida, during the H-D dealers' winter meetings. This new mount is not merely a traditional retro-styled sportster; it gets your adrenaline flowing thanks to numerous improvements and a few unprecedented features.

The Nightster has a definite "street fighter" look.

New philosophy

The legendary American manufacturer went against its usual approach by relying on a team of young stylists to design the new XL 1200N. Its styling is a radical departure from what we're used to see in terms of H-D motorcycles. This new and mysterious machine sports an incredible amount of black-painted components and very little chrome. The headlight mount, handlebars, clutch and brake levers, turn signal mounts and air filter cover are all black. Attention to detail is greater than what one might actually believe, creating a racy, stylish motorcycle with a distinctive flair. The XL 1200N Nightster looks as if it comes straight out of New York's bad-ass neighborhoods. You could say it's a cross between a cruiser and a street fighter-type bike.

Contrary to what you might think, the Sportsters have been the best-selling Harley-Davidson models over the last half-century. These motorcycles actually saved the brand from bankruptcy in the 1980s. User-friendly and affordable, they came with various engine sizes throughout the years. Following a complete makeover in 2004 and the addition of electronic fuel injection this year, the Sportster lineup keeps evolving with the arrival of this new XL 1200N Nightster.

Thrilling engine
The XL 1200N is motivated by a new and improved version of the 1,200-cc Evolution V-twin. This air-cooled engine received high-performance cams and high-flow cylinder heads that are specifically designed for high compression. As with all the other 2007 Sportsters, the powerplant is fed by an electronic sequential port fuel injection system. Thanks to revised engine rubber mounts, the new Evolution is free from unwanted vibrations while still displaying the same familiar attitude. A new, less restrictive exhaust system delivers a rich-sounding growl -- like music to the ears.

The soul of this two-wheeler is this 1,200-cc V-twin engine.
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