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Top 5 supersport bikes of 2014


by Pascal Bastien ,

Lightweight and nimble like a ballerina, yet sharp and precise like a scalpel, supersport bikes that come directly from international racing series are a treat for hardcore riders who look for a compact and affordable machine that's easily tamed.

This segment features two types of engines: Japanese-made 4-cylinders ranging from 599cc to 636cc, as well as Italian and British triple-cylinders displacing 675cc.

In order to stand out, modern supersport bikes must have a phenomenal hp/L ratio, an ultra-high-revving engine, an extremely sharp chassis, and a powerful braking system that remains easy to modulate. What's more, the increased use of electronic aids has elevated performance to unfathomable levels, making some models just as fast and agile on a track as 1,000cc superbikes.

Here are's top 5 supersport bikes of 2014:

5th -- place Yamaha YZF-R6
Compact (maybe too much), stylish, capable, and radical, the Yamaha YZF-R6 makes brilliant use of an exhilarating powerplant that keeps pushing all the way to 16,500 rpm. As the revs climb for what seems like forever, a high-pitched sound comes out of the tailpipes. Just beware of the nimble and extremely sharp chassis that can turn the R6 into a bit of a wild stallion at times. On the plus side, you'll be attacking corners at bullet speeds thanks to the superb feedback from the front end and a suspension that can handle quite a workload.

Obviously, it's not the most comfortable supersport bike on the road, but on the track, wow! The R6 always gives opponents a run for their money, even six years removed from its last major revision.

Yamaha R6
Photo: Yamaha

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