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Alstare Valencia test report


by Flagworld


source: Kel Edge Photography

Valencia tests, February 7th, 2006
Conditions: Dry, sunny

Fabien Foret used the second and final day of the test at Valencia to get comfortable with the bike and, by the end of the day, managed to break the 1: 37 barrier. His best lap of 1.36"9 was done on 2005 race rubber, whereas many of the other riders had set their fast times on the new and improved 2006 Pirellis. Fabien put in an amazing 137 laps during the two days and left the circuit tired, but happy with the progress he and the team had made in such a short time.

FABIEN 137 laps, best lap - 1.36"9
For the first time on the bike, I'm very happy. I could do 1.37s consistently and that was on 2005 race tyres, not the new improved stuff they had here for some of the experienced quick riders. I am surprised how well I got on because I did not what to expect of either the bike or myself.
The most important thing here was for me to get comfortable with the bike and I was nearly there by the end of the day. I'm also very happy with my team and it is a testament to all their good work that we had no problems at all. Valencia is a physically demanding track and you hardly get a chance to rest, so now I am quite tired. Tired, but very happy!

February 7th best laps
Bayliss (Ducati) 1.34''4 (R) 1.34''3 (Q)
Lanzi (Ducati) 1.35''6 (R) 1.35''4 (Q)
Toseland (Honda) 1.35"8 (R) 1.35''2 (Q)
Muggeridge (Honda) 1.36''2 (R) 1.35''5 (Q)
Neukirchner (Ducati) 1.36''4 (R)
Abe (Yamaha) 1.36"4 (R)
Clementi (Ducati) 1.36"6 (R)
Rolfo (Ducat) 1.36''6 (R)
Borciani (Ducati) 1.36''7 (R)
FABIEN FORET (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra) 1.36''9 (R)
Brignola (Ducati) 1. 37.1 (R)
Pedercini (Ducati) 1.37''2 (R)
NB: R = race tyre, Q + qualifier

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