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Suzuki TU250 2011 Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Pleasant girth
The dash contains all the necessary kit, and then some: a speedometer, a trip meter, an injection light as well as two other lights (neutral and headlamp) located close to the fork clamp that, though rather big, aren’t really visible in broad daylight.

The dash contains all the necessary kit, and then some. (Photo: Sébastien D'amour/

The first thing you notice when you set off is the TU250’s pleasant girth, as the bike doesn’t seem too narrow once you’re seated. The size of the tank and the beefy engine are definitely eye-catching. The two-part seat, the tail with its small round lamp reminiscent of the flashing lights of police cruisers in the 1970s and the sober paint job highlighted by glossy black touches are all cast in the same mould. This is one snazzy little retro bike, just the way we like ‘em.

Phenomenally agile
Its profile may remind us of a big machine, but the TU250 couldn’t be easier to handle. The 148 kilos, all systems go, are at once forgotten, thanks in particular to a very natural driving position similar to that of a dual-purpose bike: ramrod straight back and legs bent at a 90-degree angle.

The TU250 goes where you want it to, seemingly reading your mind and responding to your requests instantaneously no matter the speed. You can pop a U-ey on a dime and corner as if you were riding a bicycle. Good times!

On the highway, its swanky side makes for a fun ride. The only downside is the light steering caused by the very straight riding position, where the front end vibrates slightly over 110 km/h when passing a big truck or stuck in high side winds. It’s nothing dangerous or abnormal for a small motorcycle, mind you. Simply transfer a little more weight to the front by leaning forward, and voilà, stability instantly restored.

On the highway, its swanky side makes for a fun ride. (Photo: Sébastien D'amour/
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