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Honda CBF1000 2009 Review


by Marc Cantin ,

Honda Canada launched this standard machine in 2008, as part of a two fisted "Adventure" marketing program, wherein the CBF1000 was paired with the Varadero, the long-legged on- and off-road dual purpose bike from Honda. Riding the CBF again in the Montreal area this week and in Florida in March certainly did confirm the excellence of the machines as a roadster. Here are our thoughts on that ride.

The CBF1000A is a stylish, highly effective, comfortable and powerful modern standard.

At first sight, the F strikes you as an elegant standard machine, showing all the modern touches that are common to today's generic standard motorcycle: purposeful engine, wide comfortable seating for two, sit-up riding position, and a compact and light upper fairing featuring a small and effective windscreen.

Straddling the bike is easy, even with the impressively wide optional bags in place. You can select seat height from three positions, and take in the simple but easy to read instrument panel. Set the mirrors on their long stalks to allow you to see clearly past your own elbows, and you are ready to roll.

The 999cc engine comes from an earlier CBR1000RR generation, is thus compact and efficient, and re tuned to produce more torque for everyday riding. When you crack the throttle open, it feels right there, ready to work at all times. The bike feels light and agile, especially if you ask for power at 4000 rpm, when it fairly leaps forward all the way to very illegal speed in a flash. Let's understand each other; this is not a sportbike with relaxed ergonomics and a monster engine, like the Yamaha FZ1 or the Europe-only Honda CB1000R for example. The CBF is a different animal, much more civilised, comfortable and easier too ride than these performance monsters.

The CBF is light enough for nearly effortless city riding, and really shines as soon as you break away from urban traffic. Once out there, you can lean into corners, trail brake, accelerate as hard as you want, put on a burst of speed or smell the roses, all without really trying, as the bike feels light to the point of becoming an extension of your own body - it does not want to dominate and dictate as heavier bikes do.

The 999cc engine comes from an earlier CBR1000RR generation, is thus compact and efficient.
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