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Honda Announces The Much-Anticipated 2010 VFR1200F


by Honda Press Release

Press release
Source: Honda (USA)

American Honda announced the much-anticipated 2010 VFR1200F.

The 2010 VFR1200F embodies the next generation of new motorcycle technology, resulting in unsurpassed rider benefits for those in search of a sporting motorcycle that truly transcends common bounds. Honda's V-4 heritage has been re-invented and custom tailored for experienced hands who ride hard, ride long, ride far and ride often.

The incredible features and benefits found in the VFR1200F include Honda MotoGP engine technology and architecture; a light and compact 1237cc liquid-cooled 76-degree V-4 that pumps out amazing levels of power (In the 170 hp region); Throttle By Wire for next-generation throttle response; lightweight and compact Unicam® valvetrain that allows for significantly smaller cylinder heads; optional Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission with manual mode and automatic mode, with two D/S modes and paddle-style shifters; Honda slipper clutch in the manual-shift VFR1200F; GP technology layer-concept aero fairing for unrivaled air management and futuristic style; next-generation shaft drive system with offset pivot point and constant-velocity joint for a new level of shaft-drive performance and control.

Honda Canada have confirmed that the VFR120F will be available in 2010, but no pricing or availability date have been announced.

Photo Credit : Honda