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Can-Am Spyder RT 2010 Review


by Marc Cantin ,

– Integrated AM/FM stereo system with speed-modulated volume control, standard bar-mounted volume controls, and Apple iPod/iPhone integration.

– Heated passenger hand rails and separate controls, adjustable floorboards, with lumbar support and padded armrests built into the high Top Case.

– Extra touring-oriented gauges regarding distance, time and fuel.

The list of standard and optional equipment for each model is a rather long one. Please go to to browse the full extent of all the offerings.

(Philippe Champoux/

Plenty of space for people and stuff
Vastness may be too strong a word, but the RT does come close to conveying that initial impression as you swing a leg over the seat, taking care to put your left foot on the foot peg to climb aboard, making sure that your leg clears the rear backrest and storage structure. The wide seat sits you down comfortably, with a nice straight up position and all the controls within easy reach. The seat also has raised sides to help keep you in there on the corners – more on this later.

Travel means dragging a lot of stuff along, and you will find room for 155 litres of baggage at the rear of the RT, in two saddlebags and the vertical Top Case. And if that is not enough, you can hook up a bespoke 622 litres fully suspended trailer, for a total moving capacity of 777 litres, a whopping 205 US gallons.

On the road
Never a dull moment aboard an RT let me assure you. The torque comes on nicely to get you going from a stop light or to merge onto the Interstate, when the Spyder demonstrates its greatest asset in my book: the engine and gearbox. I rode alone, and did notice the lower performance level when compared to the RS models that weigh 100kg or so less than the RT models. I did not ride two-up or loaded down, but I suspect that performance will drop, especially at higher speeds.

You want wide, cushy and sculpted, here it is! And with raised edges to help stay on the machine in corners. (Philippe Champoux/
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