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Yamaha launches 2010 YZ250F Motocrosser


by Marc Cantin ,

Building on their reputation for outstanding four stroke engines, Yamaha just launched the 2010 YZ250F Motocross bike in Canada today.

And why is this launch important to non dirt riders as well as to avid off roaders? Because of the fantastic features of the new machine! I tested a 2009 WR250X this past June, a great little Supermotard with performance that was way beyond what you could reasonably expect from a 250cc single.

Well tie that helmet on tight, as the new 250 motor now goes up to 13,500 rpm (Peak power of the X was at 9,000 rpm, admittedly for a milder street going bike), and features a 13.5:1 compression ratio. This means big performance, capital “P”. The new also uses a counterbalancer to reduce vibrations and allow it to live longer at high rpm while keeping to an ultralight engine block, crankshaft and connecting rods in one piece. No fuel injection yet, to keep costs down I am sure, but it is the next logical step in the evolution.

Bike with smaller and more economical engines need not be boring – just look at this bike, then imagine what other models will be coming down the line next from Yamaha.

And yes, will bring you a test of the 2010 YZ250F as soon as we can get our hands on one!