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2014 Polaris Indy Voyager Preview


by Guillaume Rivard ,

Polaris' legendary Indy family, which was resurrected last year, expands in 2014 with as many as nine new models and the return of another classic name to fill a niche: Voyager. While the philosophy is the same -- getting you out into the wilds and back again for light utility duties -- today’s version is lighter, faster, and more nimble than the original.

What you'll find in the 2014 Polaris Indy Voyager

Essentially a Polaris 600 RMK, but with a cargo rack and different name, the 2014 Polaris 600 Indy Voyager also features high-floatation Gripper skis with three-position adjustable stance (39”, 40” or 41”). It offers 9” of front suspension travel controlled by RydeFX MPV shocks, and 13'' of rear travel with the RMK torsion spring rear suspension.

The lower-trimmed 550 Indy Voyager provides only 7.1” of travel up front, but as much as 14.1” in the rear thanks to an Indy suspension.

Obviously, the real difference between the two 2014 Polaris Indy Voyagers lies under the hood -- and explains the major price gap. The 550 model (starting at $7,999) will deliver honest but basic performance from a Fuji-built, fan-cooled, 544cc, two-stroke twin that produces 55 hp with the help of a new clutch. Meanwhile, the 600 ($11,299) gets a liquid-cooled, 599cc Polaris Cleanfire twin with semi-direct injection that fires up with no hesitation. Generating 125 hp, it's definitely one of the stronger engines in the utility class.

The 550 Indy Voyager is 33 lbs lighter. As mentioned, a lot of that is a result of air cooling vs. liquid cooling. The 550 won’t achieve the acceleration and top speed of the 600, but riders should enjoy a slightly better float over the snow. Naturally, engineers took the 600’s heavier weight into account and fitted the deep-snow RMK Series 4 track with 2” lugs (the 550 features a Cobra track that's also 144” long, but with 1.35” lugs).

Add a new Indy Pro-Ride seat with widened rear and tapered front, and you have a very comfortable platform to either sit back on or move forward to attack the trail.

Summing up the 2014 Polaris Indy Voyager
With the Indy Voyager, Polaris clearly wanted to offer a very interesting alternative to the Ski-Doo Tundra Xtreme, at an equally interesting price. The 600 Indy Voyager combines the best features of the new lightweight Indy with serious capabilities borrowed from the company’s RMK family. The result will most likely please trappers, hunters, ice fishermen, and other serious outdoorsmen.

By the way, if you want more cargo capacity and two-up versatility, opt for the 550 Indy Adventure.