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2014 Honda CTX700N and CTX700T Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

Honda's all-new 2014 CTX series is ready to hit the scene with a pair of models for cruiser enthusiasts. The CTX700N borrows its front section from the NC700SA, and is ideal for smooth riding around town. Meanwhile, the CTX700T is styled after the DN-01 and GL 1800 F6B; it's actually made for long-distance travel with an efficient fairing and windscreen.

In terms of ergonomics, these two bikes offer a relaxed, cruiser-style riding position with a low seat as well as handlebars and footpegs that stretch the rider's arms and legs slightly forward.

Shared components
The 2014 Honda CTX (which stands for Comfort, Technology and eXperience) shares its main components with the NC700 range, including a rigid, diamond-shaped steel frame that lowers the centre of gravity, and a small glove box integrated into the fuel tank cover in front of the rider (the real tank lies under the seat).

You can't quite figure out the engine at first glance, as it's slightly hidden behind the fairing. What you need to know is that it's the same parallel twin-cylinder -- and manual transmission -- that powers the NC. Unfortunately, no dual-clutch transmission will be available in Canada at the time of launch (U.S. only).

The long-stroke, 670cc engine of the 2014 Honda CTX700N and CTX700T comes with a number of technical solutions aimed at improving fuel economy and emission control. For instance, the 62-degree forward lean given to the cylinder assembly facilitates near-vertical mounting of the single 36-mm throttle body for superior intake- port positioning and shaping. By the way, the cylinders get an anti-friction coating.

Some of the mechanical parts actually play two different roles: The balancer shaft drives the oil pump, while the camshaft actuates the water pump.

2014 Honda CTX700N right side view
Photo: Honda

Cost-effectiveness in mind
In an effort to reduce costs, Honda also equipped the 2014 CTX700N and CTX700T with the same instrument panel, 320-mm discs with ABS, dual-piston calipers, and suspension as the NC700 models.

Based on U.S. pricing, it's safe to assume the CTX700N will retail for under $9,000; add an extra $800 for the CTX700T.