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2014 Honda CTX1300 Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

Looking for something unique? Behold the 2014 Honda CTX1300, a futuristically styled, V4-powered muscle cruiser that emulates the aesthetics of the CTX700 and F6B.

While some Japanese manufacturers dole out new products at a frustratingly slow pace, others like Honda never cease to amaze us, one intriguing model after another.

A cross between a classic cruiser and a grand touring motorcycle, the 2014 Honda CTX1300 appears to blaze a new trail by combining power, comfort, and a laid-back riding position. With ever-changing motorcycling needs and trends, this innovative machine will please custom riders after performance and practicality.

Familiar powerplant
The ST1300-derived V4 gets various upgrades to increase low- and mid-range torque including revised valve timing, exhaust and maps. Maximum output is down but accessible much sooner (84 hp at just 6,000 rpm).

As for the chassis, don't expect anything revolutionary. The 2014 Honda CTX1300 is built on a twinspar frame made of tubular steel, and uses 2 conventional shocks, a 43mm upside-down fork, and a rear swingarm that integrates the shaft final drive.

Designed to offer a safe and comfortable riding experience that's also very rewarding, the new 2014 Honda CTX1300 benefits from traction control, ABS, a 2-speaker audio system with Bluetooth, 5-level heated grips, a protective fairing, and integrated saddlebags. The options list for touring enthusiasts include a tall windshield, cupholders, a passenger backrest, a rear top case, and fog lights.

Will it be sporty?
The 2014 Honda CTX1300 will no doubt be handicapped by its considerable weight of 338 kg (all tanks full), long wheelbase, wide rake angle, and large 200mm rear tire. On the other hand, the low seat height of just 735 mm should allow you to easily keep both feet on the ground at idle. If the surprisingly nimble, yet heavier, Gold Wing F6B is any indication, the CTX1300 may even prove sporty after all.

What a pleasant surprise from Honda! Looks like the future has already arrived...