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2013 Honda PCX150 Review


by Amyot Bachand ,

Honda continues to innovate in 2013 with the introduction of the PCX150. A Maple Leaf Red/Pearl White colour scheme combines with bold lines and Honda's sporty styling to create a striking scooter. Asteroid Black is also available for a meaner, stealthier appearance.

This machine needs to be commended for its attention to detail; consider the air intakes below the floorboards, and the character lines that flow upwards and towards the back. It's all you want, aesthetically, from a sporty scooter.

2013 Honda PCX150

The 2013 Honda PCX150 is a friendly two-wheeler both for beginners and seasoned riders. The weight distribution and seat height make it easy to move around at idle and park in tight spots, especially with a centre stand and side stand.

While the racy design got rid of the traditional flat floorboard, ingress and egress are not affected at all. The decently sized mirrors offer adequate visibility with no vibrations. A passenger can comfortably sit behind thanks to the long, plush seat and folding footrests.

You can fit a full-face helmet under the seat of the 2013 Honda PCX150. The front panel houses a fairly spacious and convenient storage compartment. You'll have to add a rear top case to maximize cargo versatility, however. I also liked the fuel door, which is nicely positioned in the middle of the lower tunnel.

Moreover, the 2013 Honda PCX150 has an easy-to-read speedometer, a trip meter, and a fuel gauge that starts flashing when you hit the reserve. I found that pretty useful considering how quickly I emptied the fuel tank during sporty riding.

2013 Honda PCX150 storage
You can fit a full-face helmet under the seat of the 2013 Honda PCX150. (Photo: Amyot Bachand)

Riding dynamics
The 153cc single-cylinder engine that powers the 2013 Honda PCX150 is rather quiet and vibration-free when idling. It also delivers excellent get-up-and-go, without any hesitation. Clearly, this scooter's output matches its sporty aspirations. I never got tired of twisting the throttle and launching the PCX exactly where I wanted to go.

With a top cruising speed of 110 km/h, you can easily keep pace with traffic on boulevards and highway service lanes. Just stay away from large trucks, because the machine is highly sensitive to turbulence and needs to be controlled with two firm hands.

Good overall balance contributes to impeccable handling, with confident cornering and zigzagging. The combined braking system proves powerful and easy to modulate.

2013 Honda PCX150 side view
With a top cruising speed of 110 km/h, you can easily keep pace with traffic. (Photo: Amyot Bachand)

While performance is fantastic, range is disappointing at just 200-250 kilometres for sporty riding. Seat padding is generous, but the small, fixed lumbar support prevented me from finding an ideal riding position (although I later managed to remove it and enjoyed a perfect position). Finally, the speedometer is too optimistic and goes higher than the scooter's actual top speed of 110 km/h.

Safe and fun
Despite a few negatives, the 2013 Honda PCX150 is safe, fun, and well equipped to tackle metropolitan areas. With performance and value thrown into the mix as well, it's a no-brainer.


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