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2013 Honda Giorno Review


by Amyot Bachand ,

What a nice surprise from Honda! The 2013 Giorno is a perfect reminder of the Japanese manufacturer's reputation for building small, yet practical, machines. It's also affordable, cute as a bug's ear, nimble, and fun to ride.

2013 Honda Giorno

Sleek lines
It's been a while since Honda last offered such a lovely 50cc scooter. The 2013 Giorno's European look is the result of modern lines and great attention to detail. Consider the side air intakes and front panel: Honda designers were bold in an effort to create a stylish and distinctive scooter.

The 2013 Honda Giorno is available with two colour schemes: a sportier-looking white/red combination, and a more sophisticated Azuki brown/beige combination. The former, obviously, is aimed at younger customers.

Smooth new engine
Honda engineers developed a new four-stroke, single-cylinder unit with SOHC and electronic fuel injection that delivers excellent throttle response in a wide variety of riding conditions. Combined with a continuously variable transmission, the drivetrain on the 2013 Honda Giorno produces no vibration at idle and remains pretty quiet overall.

Convenient storage
As I mentioned earlier, Honda paid great attention to this scooter. You can store a helmet, backpack or small briefcase under the seat, while the front panel has a storage bin big enough to hold a 1L bottle or magazines. There's also a convenient, heavy-duty hook to secure one or two grocery bags on the 2013 Honda Giorno.

A rear carrier kit and top case are available if you need more cargo room.

2013 Honda Giorno Convenient storage
You can store a helmet, backpack or small briefcase under the seat. (Photo: Amyot Bachand)

Ergonomic chassis
The 2013 Honda Giorno displays good balance, comfortable ergonomics, and easy parking ability (using the centre stand). The rider's seat is plush, wide, and overall beautifully sculpted. Meanwhile, the floorboard offers plenty of room for your feet thanks to large recesses.

The fairly basic instrument cluster proves easy to read. Honda switched the horn and turn signal controls to meet the new standard. Trust me, once you get rid of your old habit, you'll be thankful for it. As for the conveniently located mirrors, they provide decent protection and don't shake one bit.

Adequate performance
With both feet on the ground, taking off is a breeze. The engine on the 2013 Honda Giorno accelerates without hesitation, and there's enough power to confidently merge into traffic, even on major boulevards.

Despite relying on drum brakes, the 2013 Honda Giorno's combined braking system (another segment first) significantly improves safety for beginners and advanced riders alike. The front brake lever also activates the rear brake, which makes for shorter, safer stops. Meanwhile, the nicely calibrated suspension does a good job of soaking up road imperfections. The single rear shock may be a bit firm, but the comfortable seat makes up for it.

Bottom line

Solid, nimble and well balanced (not to mention affordable at $2,299), the 2013 Honda Giorno puts the company back at the top of the ladder when it comes to urban scooters.

2013 Honda Giorno front 3/4 view
The 2013 Honda Giorno displays good balance, comfortable ergonomics, and easy parking ability (using the centre stand). (Photo: Amyot Bachand)

Solid package
Quality components
Great attention to detail
Adequate performance
Good value

Pricey accessories