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2011 Ski-Doo MX Z TNT ACE 600 Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Mated to a new, 1.4-kg lighter eDrive pulley derived from the Renegade 800, the ACE 600 kicks off at just 2,200 rpm and with outstanding smoothness, making accelerations from a standstill quite pleasant, even where grip is a concern.

On the other hand, the engine brake feels excessive and demands a learning curve to prevent the machine from losing momentum on twisty trails. Thank God for the amazing REV-X chassis, which doesn't seem to be affected by the substantial weight transfer as the rider releases the throttle.

Steady power meets smooth ride
This 4-stroke marvel generates 60 horsepower at only 7,250 rpm in no small part thanks to the aforementioned ACE technology. Accelerations are strong and linear up to 100 km/h, at which point the engine starts to run out of breath a little. Reaching the top speed of 125 km/h requires extra effort.

The silent-running engine and quiet ride delivered by the RipSaw track maximize comfort, which could very well encourage you to ride farther. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

On-the-fly sprints from anywhere between 40 and 80 km/h will put a smile on your face. The twin-cylinder produces just enough power and torque to effectively exploit the competent platform. In the sharpest corners and less-than-perfect riding conditions, it might even surprise owners of ultra-powerful snowmobiles, who won't be able to take advantage of their extra ponies. Moreover, the silent-running engine and quiet ride delivered by the RipSaw track maximize comfort, which could very well encourage you to ride farther.

The ACE 600 feels lively from 5,500 to 7,250 rpm yet still packs enough punch to reward the rider AND passenger. That's right: Ski-Doo's unique ''1+1'' configuration comes with a secondary seat (plus grab handles) that users can install or remove without any tools in 30 seconds or less. Still, if you want more explosive, genuinely-thrilling takeoffs, you'll have to turn to the larger MX Z models with 4-TEC 1200 and E-TEC 800R engines.

Sensible and modern

The 2011 Ski-Doo MX Z TNT ACE 600 is smooth, friendly and efficient like very few other snowmobiles. The manufacturer hit the bull's eye considering today's noise and CO2 emission standards, not to mention the 70-km/h speed limit on regulated trails. While combining the responsiveness of the REV-X chassis with the adrenaline factor of a TNT, this machine will prove much easier on your wallet, your neighbours and Mother Nature.

Smooth, clean, efficient engine
Great eDrive pulley
Silent powerplant and track
1+1 seating configuration
Featherweight chassis

Engine lacks a bit of flavour
Excessive engine brake

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