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2010 Triumph Bonneville Review


by Marc Cantin ,

“Oh Ya” comfort
The sit-up-and-unfold riding position would do me fine for anything under 12 hours per day, with my passenger sharing similar comfortable ergos. The speedo and tach dials remind me of ubiquitous period Smith or Jeager instruments, with a few warning lights thrown in to make sure you do not run out of fuel, battery or oil pressure – just the basics please. All levers and buttons can be found within easy finger reach and are easy to operate, as is the large single front disc and two-piston caliper in front.

Dig the bellows on the fork legs, the paint job on the fuel tank and the machine-gun exhaust tips. (Photo: Philippe Champoux/

City, country or continent – you choose
Riding the Bonnie certainly brings me back to my days on British bikes, as well as put an instant smile on my face. I last rode one of these newer machines when the new Thruxton was launched in 2003, and the bikes have clearly improved since then. The standard EFI works infinitely better than the carbs on the 2003 Thruxton, strangled as they were to satisfy emission controls of the day. Similarly, the chassis – fork – rear suspension combination has gained in stability and comfort, and flexing over bumps greatly eliminated. Enough so in fact that you can now trail brake going into corners and lay down a pale but nonetheless visible blackie on exit.

Riding the bike is easy, which appeals to lighter users, newbies and returnees, making the Bonnie and its cruiser oriented brothers, the America and the Speedmaster, popular choices with that crowd. Personnally, I enjoyed the position and the ride very much, but would prefer a little more umphhh.

Extra power would be OK, but putting bags on this Bonnie would be akin to drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa – you just should not do it! Unless it is a bedroll across the handlebars, canvas or leather saddle bags, and a duffel bag bungeed at the back, with a Trench Coat and Brain Bucket as riding gear.

Go try one, you’ll be surprised.

The style, man
Honest performer for a reasonable price
Ease of use and agility
Did I mention how good it looks?

You may drag something when cornering hard
A second disc in front for hard riding and Track days

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