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2010 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Electronic Power Steering Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Since coming back into the Suzuki product line in 2005 after an absence of over 20 years, the KingQuad family has become a key player in the large-displacement utility ATV segment year after year.

However, to retain the title of “King” amid the new crop of 800- and 1,000-cc machines, the ageing KingQuad definitely required something extra. Suzuki delivers for 2010 by giving it more power and torque, as well as a sportier attitude.

Suzuki increased engine size, power and torque to raise its game with this big-engined model

Bring on the torque
By increasing the bore to 104 mm (2 mm more than the old version), the KingQuad engine jumps from 695 to 722 cc. Throw in a redesigned intake system and cylinder head, more sophisticated injection and ignition electronics, and you get an engine with the same power as the older model, but with much improved torque – and drivability.

Other features and dimensions of the engine and chassis remain unchanged, such as the cylinder canted forward 48 degrees and the fuel tank located under the seat, to optimize the intake system and lower the machine’s centre of gravity. The two-speed CVT is also on board, as are a locking front differential and reverse gear. What’s more, the intake system now located over the engine leaves enough room for a vertical, super efficient intake manifold, while also providing better protection from dirt and dust.

A well-balanced chassis with Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Like Suzuki’s other utility ATVs, the KingQuad uses an ultra-tough chassis equipped with a long-travel, fully independent suspension. The front uses two A-arms while the back uses a single A-arm and an I-beam.

Electric Power Steering – almost intelligent!
Introduced last year, Suzuki’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) system lends the KingQuad 750 AXi’s excellent chassis an important helping hand. Steering is now lighter and easier in all conditions. What’s more, the system absorbs any shocks from the hazards of the trail that are transmitted to the handlebars, making the driving more comfortable and less physical.

The front uses two A-arms while the back uses a single A-arm and an I-beam.
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