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2010 Ski-Doo GSX SE Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Ski-Doo’s new-for-2010 Air Control Suspension (ACS) greatly improves the trail manners of this model, as it did on the 2009 Grand Touring SE. You can adjust rear pre-load at the touch of a button, by increasing or decreasing the pressure of the air spring. Even at the lowest setting, my 70 kilos cleared the worst bumps without bottoming. The efficiency of the ACS system will prevent you from being tossed around, even on the poorly maintained trails that we frequently encounter early in the season.

On the trail
The GSX SE stands out from the get-go thanks to an unusually light feel compared to its rivals, a highly desirable feature on long-distance rides as well as on more aggressive jaunts off the beaten track. While not as lively as a snowcross machine, the GSX SE will definitely surprise you on tight trails dotted with S-bends, hairpins and bumps like those at Xtown.

Almost plush
The GSX SE uses the latest evolution of the REV chassis, the REV-XR, with a 17 inches (436 mm) longer track than on sportier MX Z X, MX Z Adrenaline and MX Z TNT models. In addition to superior grip, the 137-inch track (3,487 mm) handles bumps and ruts more easily and comfortably, providing a much smoother ride than machines equipped with the shorter (120-inch) rack on almost all the other sport machines on the market. The long track also makes for easier off-trail detours… where such adventures are legal, of course.

The GSX SE will definitely surprise you on tight trails dotted with S-bends, hairpins and bumps like those at Xtown. (Photo: Philippe Champoux/

The higher and far forward riding position make for much better visibility to the front; and the generous windscreen offers excellent protection against wind, snow and branches. The well placed rear-view mirrors vibrate too easily over rougher surfaces, greatly impairing their efficiency.

Riding a GSX SE on provincial trails is like cruising down a winding country road on a luxury bike. You can have fun in the corners and over bumps for hours on end, without having to visit your chiropractor the next day.

Combining solo touring efficiency with a clear sporting flavour, the GSX SE is now the most comfortable Ski-Doo to date.

Touring & sport versatility
Outstanding comfort
Light weight and feel
Efficient engine

Rear-view mirror and footrest vibrations
Clutch take up from a standstill too abrupt for a touring machine

Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux
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