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2010 Kawasaki ZX-10R Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

Easier-to-use gearbox
The new-for-2010 gearbox features smaller metal-to-metal rubbing surfaces to reduce internal friction, a stiffer and more ergonomic shift lever, a stiffer return spring for the lever, and new, tighter-clearance shaft collars. The net result is a smoother shifting touch and feel –on par with the competition – as well as more accurate shifting in all conditions.

A great Track animal, especially where the straights are long enough to really use the fantastic motor and get up there with the angels.

Listening to the media and customers – Works for me
Kawasaki now endows the famous Ninja with a firmer Öhlins steering damper that provides a wider range of adjustments. The old damper proved too flabbly, as anyone who rode the previous models will tell you, and presumably told the Men in Green. The prestigious Swedish brand’s blue-and-gold logo is laser-etched on the new component for a more upscale look à la Ducati, BMW and Yamaha. Consider it a seal of approval and a reminder that you’re riding with the best damper in the business. Now, if we had an Öhlins fork kit and shock for 2011…

With this latest evolution, the ZX-10R will undoubtedly prove to be a formidable player both on the road and the track, whether it’s in the World Superbike Championship or Canadian series (provided that Kawasaki returns to the starting grid, of course!). I’m sure that Szoke, Sykes and Vermeulen are all looking forward to their respective race season, much like every thrill seeker and fan of the Japanese brand.

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Photo Credit : Kawasaki
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