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2010 Kawasaki Versys Review


by Dustin A. Woods ,

Spending merely a weekend on a new motorcycle that you haven’t had any experience with prior to that point, may not give you much of an impression of what it would be like to live with long-term.

Treated to a myriad of changes for the 2010 model year. (Photo: Kawasaki)

After traversing over 1,300 kilometres on the 2010 Kawasaki Versys through blistering heat, intense rain, fog as dense as soup and frosty temperatures across a variety of terrain over three days, I think I can safely say that I have a pretty good idea of what it’s capable of.

Treated to a myriad of changes for the 2010 model year, including updated mirrors, sharper styling, new rubber engine mounts and footpegs, a revised adjustable windscreen and new tie-down hooks under the tail section, a new fairing, stacked Cyclops headlamps, front fender and low-mounted muffler, these significant changes were needed to keep up with the competition.

The updated headlamps and bodywork were both welcome changes, but not nearly as much as the incorporation of rubber engine mounts, which significantly increased the comfort of the ride over the previous generation, which had a vibrating seat that bordered on explicit at certain rpm.

Attempting to leave Toronto’s downtown core anywhere near rush hour is never a good idea. Attempting to do so at five o’clock pm on Friday is downright chaotic. My only concern that afternoon was escaping the office and beginning what would be a long, grueling journey on the seat of the new-for-2010 Versys.

My intended destination for the trip was The Waterfront Inn on Lake Temiskaming in New Liskeard. Located roughly two hours past North Bay, the community is composed of the three former municipalities of Haileybury, New Liskeard and Dymond who amalgamated back in 2004. Each offering their own unique benefits and charm, New Liskeard is a quaint little town that attracts thousands of riders every long weekend in July for the annual Biker’s Reunion. Consider it the Port Dover of the North.

Frustrated by the sheer amount of people and traffic obstructing my last few outings in the city, I decided to head North after hearing from several former attendees that the area had a great deal to offer. And yet here I sat, baking in the afternoon sun while crawling in rush hour traffic.

Photo: Rob Stimpson
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