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2010 Honda CBF1000FA Review


by Marc Cantin ,

On the road and track – Where it shines!
This light and compact standard was fought over by attendees because it felt just right on the street, with all the torque you needed to ride around quietly in town, and the power to blow by any obstacle on the roads. The suspension was always more than adequate on the street after a little fiddling with preloads for Dreadnaughts such as me.

The easy nature of the bike carried over to the track, where the ample torque and relative light weight of this simple machine made riding easy at any pace. Changes in direction came easily at any pace, with the bike playing along when attacking corners a bit harder or applying more power at the exit. In fact, the 1000 gives off that air of torquey 600, to the point of becoming easier to ride than the slightly smaller and lighter machine.

Track or street, the feature I most appreciated was the personal comfort afforded my 180mm, 110kg frame, with just the right amount of weight on my arms and that god-loving flat saddle. As your main contact surface with the bike, the saddle must always be just right. That means enough space to move around and redistribute your mass, and a very slight rise at the back of the saddle to help you maintain your position effortlessly and, more important, not enough rise to push you forward against the fuel tank like too many sport bikes do.

A great looking bike from the front, and easy to lean over every time out. Just watch for the center stand that may touch the ground over a nasty bump when leaned over. (Photo: Rob O'Brien)

The adjustable windscreen and sophisticated aerodynamics made for little noise and turbulence at road speeds, another welcome application of technology.

My sole negative comment pertains to the relatively low peak power – nothing like the exciting CBR1000RR from last year, which may have spoiled a lot of us and set the bar for a standard street bike a bit high. All this rationalization notwithstanding, an extra 10 horses would add a welcome measure of excitement and attitude to the very gentile machine.

Like the others, I found the bike to be an enormous leap from the 2008 - 2009 model. Despite the use of the “Adventure” moniker by Honda, the CBF1000 is not an Adventure bike in the same sense as the Varadero, Suzuki V-Strom or BMW R1200GS sense.

But it sure will easily take you where you have never ventured before, preferably on pavement although it will tolerate clean dirt roads.

Civilized engine
Efficient faring and windscreen, comfortable ergos
Realistic pricing
Luggage and other accessories to personalize the bike

An extra 10 horses please
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