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2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Review


by Marc Cantin ,

In the constant churn of new and upgraded models, wheels, paint jobs, equipment and badging that produces the bikes that Harley buyers want year after year, The Motor Company re launches the Dyna Wide Glide model for 2010 after a one year absence, with evolutionary changes to the bike in terms of looks and external equipment.

You can now really ride the new Dyna Wide Glide more actively and approach your limits.

But make no mistake; the on-road behaviour of the 2010 is vastly improved over the older models, thanks to significant improvements to its suspension.

What exactly is new/evolved on this bike? The chassis, the engine electronics, fifth gear in the gearbox, and, most strikingly, the suspension and tires. The end product is much better bike than in 2008.

A smoothed out drivetrain
The Twin Cam 96 engine is back, with the latest evolution in electronics and dynamic balance, for improved throttle response and a complete absence of vibrations at anything above idle.

The six speed gearbox, a necessity to help meet noise and emission standards in America as well as Europe, remains a joy to use, with a ratio spread that hits the spot, no matter the speed or riding situation. The extra long 6th gear reduces fuel consumption, emissions and noise for the testing purposes, and can be useful above 100 kph, where there is enough power to provide acceptable acceleration when required.

Chassis and suspension - The great leap forward!
This is where I did not recognize this Dyna, as the road holding and comfort level are a significant notch above the older Dyna models I have ridden. Considered a less expensive, entry-level brother to the Touring and Softail families, the Dyna always appealed to me as a standard, no frills but immensely enjoyable family of bokes, especially the Super Glide with mid-position footpegs.

The 2010 Wide Glide does just that over the nasty bumps on our roads - it seemingly glides, absorbing all of the worst bumps that I could find during my obstacle-strewn ride. I tried to upset the bike by going over nasty expansion joints on long expressway curves, but the bike would have nothing of it, swallowing the irregularities and settling back down immediately.

The Twin Cam 96 engine is back, with the latest evolution in electronics and dynamic balance.
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