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2010 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

For 2010, Arctic Cat is offering its most diversified lineup ever, including two new variants of the Z1 Turbo as well as the amazing Sno Pro 500, a dream machine for riders who like to hit jumps and bumpy trails.

In 2007, Arctic Cat engineers struck big with the Twin Spar chassis, arguably the most advanced and innovative snowmobile architecture of the decade in terms of ergonomics. Once again, the company is sticking with this popular recipe to the delight of snowmobile enthusiasts, who enjoy a sporty riding position that favors ride comfort, handling and user-friendliness.

2010 Arctic Cat F8

New 800-cc engine
Models from the F8 (sport), M8 (deep snow) and Crossfire 8 (on-trail/off-trail) series receive an all-new, more powerful and, above all, quieter engine. With more effective exhaust manifold, pipes and resonator as well as a lighter crankshaft, this 800-cc, 2-stroke unit (officially, 794 cc) produces 160 horsepower (+10 over 2009). What's more, revised injection mapping makes the engine cleaner and less thirsty than its predecessor.

Z1 Turbo EXT and Sno Pro
Arctic Cat also launches the world's first turbocharged crossover snowmobile. The 2010 Z1 Turbo EXT promises an exciting ride by combining the horsepower and torque of the industry's most powerful engine with an extended Twin Spar chassis and 144-inch Cobra track. This winning combination delivers the kind of riding dynamics that will satisfy sporty riders both on and off the regulated trails.

Following the success of the 2009 Z1 Turbo Sno Pro Limited Edition (read the complete review of the 2009 Turbo Sno Pro),  Arctic Cat strikes back with new graphics and the same sharpness as last year's model, much to the joy of die-hard thrill seekers.

The Sno Pro features a firmer suspension than the base EXT; therefore, it can attack jumps and bumpy trails at high speeds. Aggressive riders will love it, while others can turn to smoother machines (Z1, Z1 Turbo EXT or naturally-aspirated LXR) with softer suspensions tuned for sporty touring and long-distance comfort.

2010 Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo LXR
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