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2010 Aprilia Sport City 250 Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

The Aprilia Sport City 250 is crossing the Atlantic later this year as a 2010 model, and big-wheel scooter fans could not be happier. These machines are primarily designed for city use, where they are exciting to ride, and limited highway use, where they can keep pace at up to 100 km/h.

2010 Aprilia Sport City 250

There are not many big-wheel, small-displacement scooters on the Canadian market, which is a shame since they offer superior comfort and riding precision, as well as increased safety on our dirty, bumpy roads. Models like the CMI Freepass, CPI GTR, Kymco People, Sym HD, Aprilia Scarabeo and all-new Aprilia Sport City 250 are part of this small market segment which is growing.

On the flip side, big wheels have their drawbacks, like reduced cargo room under the seat -- something scooter enthusiasts can't live without nowadays. What's more, the Sport City does not have a side stand, a serious oversight on a city-oriented machine, as riders must use the center stand for a simple stop at the convenience store, a bit of a physical irritant to most urban riders.

Rare qualities
Making people overlook these shortcomings is the Sport City's striking design with an upswept muffler, 6-spoke 15-inch wheels, an elegant front mud guard and a subtle yet well-executed tinted windscreen. Overall, the look is in line with true sport scooters. Moreover, the flat floorboard will be appreciated by women, who occasionally like to ride while wearing a dress, or those who want more effective protection from liquid sunshine.

The Sport City 250 rides on long-travel suspensions and wide, good quality 15-inch tires. Ergonomics and seat height promise to be a good fit for all sizes of riders, including the taller one. With your legs reasonably bent, you should enjoy roomy seating for solo or two-up riding, not to mention excellent visibility.

Little bundle of dynamite
With 22.5 horsepower on tap as well as an ultra-lightweight weight (25 kg lighter than similar machines from the competition), the 244-cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine will undoubtedly achieve performance levels that match its sporty looks, as we hope to validate as soon as it hits our shores. While it mat match the performance of larger machines in the city, you will make friends with gas attendants everywhere due to the tiny 9-liter fuel tank.

Bottom line
Aprilia has come up with an affordable, urban-oriented, big-wheel scooter that might be short on features but displays aggressive styling and modern character. Available later this season at an undetermined price at this time, the 2010 Sport City 250 will be just the thing for riders who put fun as their top priority, and enjoy exclusivity and an Italian look.

2010 Aprilia Sport City 250

Photo Credit : Aprilia