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2009 Triumph Bonneville SE Preview


by Marc Cantin ,

As the saying goes, "Nostalgia ain't what it used to be", but Triumph is doing their level best to not only keep the Brit-bike legend alive, but to make it grow to the market position it deserves according to old hands as well as converts.

The new Bonneville SE, an evolution from the basic Bonneville, represents is an excellent example of a current machine that perpetuates the image and is in fact better than the original, as current technology means a more reliable engine, as well as better brakes, ergonomics and suspension.

The SE variant announced as a 2009 model adds a special look to the speedometer and tach, polished wheels and engine side covers, chromed tank badge, a lower seat, upswept silencers, shortie mudgards and a blacked out engine.

You can see this new Bonneville SE model in early 2009, for an MSRP of $9,399 as of early December 2008.

Photo Credit : Triumph