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2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

The new Suzuki M90 performance cruiser bridges the gap between the 805-cc M50 and the 1,783-cc M109R. Derived from the latter, the long-stroke engine in the M90 promises similar thrills as the mean M109R at a more affordable price.

As far as appearance goes, the M90 keeps the easily recognisable flowing style from the M109R, while using a slightly different fork head to affirm it's individuality.

For torque lovers!
The M106R made enormous, almost violent power at hign RPM, while low end torque came from the sheer size the pistons.  For the M90, Suzuki designers were aiming for the sort of low-end torque that riders expect from a 1500 cc motor, despite playing with 14% less displacement than on the bigger bike.

More torque is "easy" to achieve through a longer stroke, as the pistons spend a longer period of time pushing at the connecting rod at a given rpm. Along stroke does however limit maximum rpm and thus maximum power - another one of those magnificent trade offs you always run across in mechanical design.

The under square dimensions (stroke longer then bore) of the M90 engine mean that Maximum torque is produced at only 2,650 rpm, while rev still jump up to 5000 rpm easily to deliver kick-ass power when you need it.

Cruiser With an Attitude
On the road, the 2009 M90 riding dynamics should be similar to those of the M109R, offering ease of use for new riders and excellent stability thanks to the low center of gravity and elongated wheelbase. That said, the reduced mass and thus inertia of the smaller machine keeps it agile when rapid changes in attitude or direction are required. Big bike enthusiasts will be happy to learn that the large 43-mm inverted fork and massive 200-mm rear tire are part of the package.

The new M90 completes Suzuki's M lineup nicely, offering an attractive mix of driveability and performance, with a lower asking price thrown in ($12,800) to please the growing number of performance cruiser lovers.

Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux, Suzuki