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2009 Ski-Doo MX Z 600 H.O. E-TEC First Impressions


by Pascal Bastien ,

We had the opportunity to try out one of the most spectacular new models in Ski-Doo's 2009 lineup: the MX Z 600 H.O E-TEC. You have to admit that the company specialized in recreational products has delivered more than just the goods in recent years. After literally reinventing the snowmobile in 2003 with the REV chassis, which was significantly upgraded for 2008, BRP is introducing a new revolutionary 2-stroke engine.

A nice surprise from BRP.

E-TEC, the future of 2-stroke technology

This 594-cc powerplant is derived from the famous 600 SDI, one of the most efficient 2-stroke mills ever produced. Once again, Ski-Doo ups the ante in terms of efficiency with the E-TEC system. Integrating the latter to a snowmobile was no easy task for engineers; yet, the technology has been making its mark with Evinrude marine engines since 2003. The biggest challenge was to make the E-TEC system efficient beyond 6,000 rpm which, at first, seemed impossible to achieve. After several months of hard work and hundreds of hours of lab testing, they finally did it. The industry's first 2-stroke high-performance engine fed by a direct fuel injection system was born.

This is without a doubt the most sophisticated 2-stroke ever designed. The new E-TEC technology commands each system through a lightning-quick, liquid-cooled computer. Together with the 3D R.A.V.E. exhaust valve system, this advanced computer controls an all-new electronic oil pump. Targeted oil injection ensures oil is delivered to the most critical places: the crankcase and valves. There are no cable adjustments and no maintenance required.

Why a 2-stroke engine?
When you spend some time with a 2-stroke powered snowmobile like the MX Z after riding several 4-stroke models, you understand why Ski-Doo is dedicating so much effort to preserve this type of engine. As soon as you take off, you're amazed at how light the MX Z feels. Our weekend ride allowed us to appreciate the superb handling and easy riding dynamics of this sled. No matter what kind of trail you're on, the MX Z 600 H.O. E-TEC proves instantaneously responsive to the rider's inputs. Talk about a sweet ride! With such a lightweight snowmobile as the MX Z, you feel like you're part of the machine instead of a mere passenger. What an extraordinary feeling.

Riding the MX Z 600 H.O. E-TEC is pretty intuitive.
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