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2009 Kawasaki Jet Ski Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

Kawasaki products have always delivered striking performance and unmistakable presence wherever they go. The brand's supersport motorcycles, including the ZX-10R and ZX-6R, have been prime examples since coming to market; their engines keep producing top-notch power year after year.

Now, here's some good news for water sport enthusiasts: Kawasaki is using all its expertise to develop higher-performing, more technologically-advanced machines.
2009 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 260X

Ultimate performance
The new 2009 Jet Ski Ultra 260X is the fastest and most powerful ever designed by the Japanese manufacturer. Its 4-cylinder engine is actually derived from Kawasaki superbikes. We knew the naturally-aspirated variant and 250LX models of previous years were explosive, but that didn't stop engineers from upgrading the supercharger with the addition of advanced pressure control valves. The result is a monstrous 260 horsepower.

The various technical improvements at work will sure please any performance-minded enthusiast. They include:

· An intercooler to cool the air coming out of the supercharger (colder intake air improves combustion and therefore engine output);

· An increase in compression ratio (from 7.8:1 to 8.4:1) thanks to a more efficient electronic ignition management system;

· Lighter yet stronger forged alloy pistons that can tolerate hotter temperatures inside the combustion chamber;

· Antifriction coating on the cylinders for reduced internal friction and heat as well as higher output. The inline cylinder configuration also reduces wear and increases engine durability;

· A new, reinforced lower crankcase to better cope with the extra load on the crankshaft and, consequently, improve longevity.

· A single throttle body with a bore diameter of 60 millimeters, plus high-flow fuel injectors with 4 orifices to improve fuel atomization and combustion efficiency. This also means greater fuel economy and fewer emissions.

All that power is converted into thrust by a 155-millimeter jet pump with 3-blade impeller for efficient and powerful propulsion.

2009 Kawasaki Jet Ski 260LX
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