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2009 Honda CRF450R Preview



Honda's most powerful dirt bike comes back with a number of improvements and a new flamboyant attire. For 2009, it also shaves 1.8 kilo off its weight.

While other manufacturers are talking evolution this year, the new CRF450R is in the midst of a revolution. The 41-millimeter Keihin carburetor has been replaced by an all-new, ultra-sophisticated, Programmed Fuel Injection system called PGM-FI. What this means is that injection mapping can be programmed when connecting the bike's ECU to a portable computer -- something that's unheard of.

Another Honda first is the engine stop switch featuring an integrated LED pre-ride check indicator with EFI diagnostic capability. The PGM-FI system utilizes a 50-mm throttle body design with 12-hole injection nozzle to ensure optimum fuel atomization and improved fuel economy without compromising power.

The CRF450R is motivated by an all-new Unicam engine that's more effective in every respect. Spinning faster and harder, the revised mill produces over 125 horsepower per liter thanks to a new, lighter camshaft. It has been positioned closer to front wheel for greater mass centralization and better handling. The redesigned, lighter auto decompression system has been simplified with cam-integrated plunger and shaft-integrated decompression weight for easy starting in hot or cold conditions. Meanwhile, the oil pump strainer is now built into the engine case to reduce parts and weight.

Stiffer... and lighter?
The 2009 Honda CRF450R is built on an all-new Twin-Spar aluminum frame featuring a larger Kayaba fork. Honda engineers managed to reduce the overall weight of the frame while increasing lateral and torsional rigidity. The new swingarm is longer and the studs on the rear tire are more aggressive, which reportedly improves accelerations on wet tracks.

Other new features to report about include a stickier seat, a more compact titanium muffler, easier air filter access, increased ground clearance and irresistible new decals.

The new 2009 Honda CRF450R is unquestionably the most technologically advanced, high-caliber, four-stroke dirt bike in the entire industry. It's also the most lightweight and most powerful off-road bike in the history of Honda.

Photo Credit : Honda