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2009 Honda ATVs Preview


by Pascal Bastien ,

Honda's most popular ATV models are returning for 2009, clad in new colours and boasting electric power steering, while engine features have remained stable. The Japanese manufacturer with the highest reliability rating in the industry is offering up some evolutionary changes that greatly improve the performance of its ATVs - but wait... there are also a few exciting surprises in the 2009 line up.

The TRX500FG CTE, featuring driver-selectable two- or four-wheel drive.

Canadian Trail Edition
For the past few years, Honda has been selling certain models with suspensions calibrated specifically for Canadian trails, where smoothness must not compromise stability and control. The 2009 product line from Honda includes four such Canadian Trail Edition (CTE) ATVs. In the mid-size class, the TRX500FG CTE, features driver-selectable two- or four-wheel drive, as well as the GPScape system. The TRX500PG CTE model adds electric power steering to these features.

The two other CTE models, the TRX420PG CTE with electric power steering and the TRX420FG CTE with conventional steering, pack two big surprises for 2009: four-wheel independent suspension, and a new 5-speed gearbox with electronic clutch. The all-new, fully independent suspension will give the TRX420 models the same stability and comfort enjoyed by their 680-cc big brother.

New transmission concept
The TRX420 now features a new 5-speed automatic transmission for 2009, featuring automatic gear changes commanded by bottons on the left handlebar, and driver-selected two- and four-wheel-drive. Other than its unusual lightness, this transmission also uses two clutches. A first centrifugal clutch transmits power, while a second one provides managed slippage to help with smoother and more precise shifting. The gearbox and clutch system is electronically controlled to add reliability to the drivetrain.

2009 Honda TRX420PG CTE
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