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2009 Honda Aquatrax F-15X Preview



When it comes to having good times on the lake with a safe, clean and powerful PWC, Honda's Aquatrax should never be overlooked. Initially, this machine was only available to US consumers -- a questionable decision by the manufacturer since both Japanese competitors (Yamaha and Kawasaki) have been successfully selling their models in Canada for more than 20 years.

The flat design gives the F-15X uncompromised stability and superior safety.

The one and only
As the lone personal watercraft sold by Honda in Canada, the surprising build quality of the Aquatrax F-15X is by far the best in the industry. Performance is not too shabby either thanks to a number of modern technical solutions derived from the automobile. Of course, these components have been modified to withstand the shocks delivered to the jet pump and engine when the machine hits a big wave and violently falls back in the water.

The F-15X benefits from a 200-hosepower turbocharged engine that proves fuel-efficient and low-polluting. It's a 1,470-cc, 16-valve 4-cylinder using dry-sump lubrication for a lower position inside the hull, which results in a lower center of gravity and greater handling in all conditions.

Functionality and peace of mind
The electronic fuel injection system teams up with OTS steering control, a device that maintains a slight jet pump rotation during full throttle release, meaning the rider is still able to steer the Aquatrax at idle. Moreover, the selectable Limit Mode offers lower power and top speed settings (ideal for beginning riders and rental users), while the electronic keyless ignition system allows the operator to select from 999 possible identification numbers to effectively deter unauthorized use.

The F-15X is equipped with an Ignition Control System (ICS) that senses low oil pressure and/or abnormally high coolant temperatures and acts to limit engine speed to 3,000 rpm. Therefore, the rider can return safely to the shore without risking serious damages to the powertrain.

The F-15X benefits from a 200-hosepower turbocharged engine that proves fuel-efficient and low-polluting.
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