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2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200 Preview


by Marc Cantin ,

Hundreds Sold On Spec in the US!

Inspired by the legendary XR-750 flat-track racer, the Harley-Davidson XR1200 has finally been turned loose on the US market after outstanding sales successes in Europe as a 2008 model.

With looks that make even sportbike fanatics drool, a 90 hp version of the (slim) Sportster engine, stump-puller torque, and upgraded brakes and suspension, the XR1200 promises to be an even bigger hit here than in Europe. And it just keep getting better, since we all know that Euro riders like their bikes to handle, and they just loved the XR. Bring on the swervy bits!

Just look at the colours, the high exhaust system and the simple yet stylish tank and seat arrangement, and you can see how well Willie G. and his design team from Milwaukee worked to come up with a pure, simple design that mixes style with modern efficiency.

Canadian pricing is set at $13,049 for black and $13, 412 for the pearl orange model, with availability in time for our riding season.

Photo Credit : Harley-Davidson