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2009 Ducati Monster 1100 First Impressions


by Henri Lebarbé ,

With the suspension set to "firm", the Monster is ideally geared for smooth pavement. On the other hand, it’s way too rigid for the type of roads we have here in Quebec, which makes riding harder. I’m sure some tweaking to the preload and compression characteristics would considerably improve the ride on bumpy surfaces.

And finally, a word of caution: engine braking is overwhelmingly powerful beyond 4,000 rpm, thereby compromising stability and safety when aggressively entering corners or riding on wet tarmac. The solution is to either downshift with engine rpm as low as possible (Engine braking increases with rpm), or to install a one-way clutch (available from Ducati) that produces the same effect.

Ducati keeps the omni present trellis frame for the Monster, adding cast alloy structural pieces to link the engine, the chassis and the suspension together effectively.

A winning horse for hardcore riders
Pure bred, powerful, agile and aimed at seasoned riders, the 2009 Ducati Monster 1100 delivers the kind of performance that elevates it above the masses and into a rarefied group of machines that includes the KTM Super Duke 990, the Ducati Streetfighter (if you can afford it) or a Yamaha FZ1 optioned with higher-quality suspensions.

Well done Ducati!

Photo Credit : Matthieu Lambert
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