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2008 Ducati 848 Preview



Ducati designers sure are very talented. The new 848 is a work of art in every respect. One cannot help but be amazed by the incredible attention to detail. Each component has been carefully designed and crafted to ensure a mind-blowing package.

Racier than ever
From a technical standpoint, this newcomer replaces the old 749 which was discontinued a couple of years ago. The hiatus proved beneficial as the technical features of the 848 are much more advanced. Consequently, this bike can be considered as a more accessible version of the 1098R; it will likely allow a greater number of fans to finally get the motorcycle of their dreams.

The 749 was known for being a solid tourer; yet it never was radical enough to stand out on the track. According to Ducati engineers, the new Italian sports star was designed to obliterate the standards of medium-displacement superbikes. It's 5-kilogram lighter than the larger 1098 -- and it weighs 20 kilograms less than its predecessor. Also, the new engine promises to deliver performance levels that significantly exceed those of the current L-twin.

Singular powertrain
The heart of the 2008 848 is derived from the 1098. This Testastretta Evoluzione twin-cylinder engine gets new, lighter casings and a Marelli electronic fuel injection system. The 12:1 compression ratio says a lot about the performance riders should expect from this cutting-edge powerplant. Output is rated at 134 horsepower (available at 10,000 rpm) and, like any self-respecting Ducati engine, this one is very torquey (71 lb-ft).

Among the many other innovations are lighter yet sturdier alloy valves, elliptical intake bodies derived from GP bikes, 100-percent magnesium cylinder heads and a 6-speed transmission with ultra-close ratios that was specifically designed to get the most out of the exotic, modern engine.

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