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2007 Yamaha Phazer GT Long-Term Trail Test (part three)


by Pascal Bastien ,

2007 Yamaha Phazer GT Long-Term Trail Test (part two)
2007 Yamaha Phazer GT Long-Term Trail Test (part one)

Our long-term tester has now covered more than 5,000 kilometers. So far, we encountered no mechanical problems and the overall performance is still sharp. This snowmobile is a real head-turner wherever it goes and it generates as much curiosity as it did in the early stages of our long-term trail test, a year ago. Simply put, the Phazer leaves no one indifferent, especially first-time onlookers. The most fascinating thing about this machine is the eccentric styling full of ultra-modern athleticism.

The muscular look of the Phazer is unique and refreshing.

Uncommon design process
The chassis of the Yamaha Phazer is made of aluminum and chromoly. The former is die cast using a highly sophisticated, controlled process which eliminates any air bubble and therefore increases rigidity. Thanks to this unique design, aluminum parts can be made thinner while retraining the same rigidity as regular aluminum parts.

Because of its ultra-narrow tunnel, the Phazer uses a Camoplast Hacksaw track that's only 14-inch wide. This new lightweight track was designed to reduce friction, thereby improving performance and fuel economy. Featuring 1-inch studs, it allows the Phazer GT to take off as quickly as a larger-displacement model. Clearly, engineers went to great lengths to create a lightweight, nimble and fast snowmobile.

Ergonomics and comfort
Overall ergonomics are pretty good; every control can be manipulated while riding. The YZ-style seat offers a great position for sporty riding. Although very narrow and harder than most, it still proves highly comfortable. Thanks to a slick vinyl upholstery, the rider can easily and quickly shift positions for the sort of active riding the Phazer requires.

This Yamaha offers knee-height air deflectors up front and a couple more on each side of the headlight. The windscreen is bolted high on the steering column for excellent protection against the elements. You can undertake a long ride at minus 20 degrees and still feel comfortable.

The various aerodynamic features of the Phazer make it more enjoyable on long rides.
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