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2009 Yamaha FZ6R Preview



In order to remain among the top-selling manufacturers in the medium-displacement standard/sport bike segment, Yamaha decided to start from scratch. Indeed, it would be easier to list the things that didn't change instead of all the new features that were added. The 2009 FZ6R will now replace the FZ6, much to the delight of Yamaha enthusiasts who are fond of versatile intermediate bikes.

The 2009 Yamaha FZ6R will no doubt become one of the most sought-after new products next summer.

A more capable powertrain
The new FZ6R takes the torch from the old FZ6, using a new 600-cc, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine derived from the early-millennium R6. The basic architecture of this 4-stroke mill is the same; however, the cylinder head, crankcases, intake and exhaust manifolds as well as the electronic fuel injection system have all been entirely revised. The camshafts have also been redesigned to fit the new shape of the intake system. Forged pistons (instead of die-cast pistons) and 4-hole/2-direction spray-type injectors (for improved combustion and fuel economy) are included. The result is a much more flexible engine delivering more power along with more low- and mid-range torque.

The muffler of the Yamaha FZ6R is mounted underneath the frame. Three expansion chambers and a three-way catalytic converter (allowing the computer to adjust the air-fuel mixture) make the new bike cleaner than its predecessor. Exhaust gases discreetly exit from the right, just below the swingarm.

Meanwhile, the 6-speed transmission is mated to an all-new "inner push" type clutch release mechanism that provides very light and smooth clutch lever action in all conditions.

The new FZ6R takes the torch from the old FZ6, using a new 600-cc, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine.

A well-executed, sporty design

While it does not defy styling conventions, the new 2009 FZ6R is admittedly very classy and on par with other Yamahas in terms of fit and finish. The all-new full fairing is reminiscent of the Suzuki GSX 650F, which targets about the same customers.
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