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2008 Yamaha YZF 600 R6 Preview



Yamaha engineers developed an all-new machine to raise the performance bar even higher while staying true to the design principles of the Japanese brand.

Introduced in 1998, the R6 offered a very compact size, similar to a smaller-displacement racing motorcycle. Completely redesigned in 2006, it managed to stand out thanks to a continuous influx of new innovative features. For 2008, the YZF R6 keeps evolving through a series of significant though hidden technical upgrades that improve the bike's operation.

High-caliber features
In terms of powertrain, the new R6 benefits from Yamaha's latest technology, namely the famous Chip Controlled Intake system (YCC-I). Borrowed from the R1, it's one of the industry's most sophisticated. Using variable-length intake funnels, this system is activated by an electronic servo motor. The transition rpm between the two lengths is approximately 13,500 rpm, which allows a quicker fuel delivery. YCC-I offers increased efficiency by delivering power more steadily and unhesitatingly.

The new 599-cc engine also receives upgraded electronic injectors and a fully revised exhaust system. New aluminum pistons raise the compression ratio to 13:1 -- an all-time high for Yamaha. Thanks to numerous high-caliber features and a forced-air intake technology, output is now rated at 135 horsepower. Impressive!

Greater efficiency
As is often the case with this type of mount, the riding position of the R6 is more radical than the previous model's. The rider seat has been moved 5 mm forward, while the handlebars have been lowered by 5 mm. Meanwhile, the windshield offers better protection against the elements. The geometry of the front suspension has been modified to further improve handling. According to Yamaha engineers, the new YZF R6 is more precise and more composed... and no doubt faster, more user-friendly than the old one.

Regardless of its advancements, the YZF R6 remains a track-ready monster that begs to be ridden to the limit (beyond 10,000 rpm). Yamaha favored pure efficiency instead of overly focusing on styling like many competitors. Consequently, you'll have to be an expert to gauge the progress made by this new world-class bike.

Powerful and impressively equipped with high-caliber components, the 2008 YZF R6 is making its presence felt in a segment where manufacturers reject compromises. It was designed for thrill seekers who want an extreme machine to push their own personal limits. This mount is very stylish, well made and full of features that will ridicule many rivals. This Yamaha is ready to take on the fastest sportsbikes on the planet... and yet it boasts less than 600 cc!

Photo Credit : Yamaha