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2008 Yamaha WR250X and WR250R Preview



The new Yamaha WR250X is one of the latest additions to the Canadian market, bringing a welcomed breath of fresh air. The departure of the XT350 many years ago left the poor little XT225 alone to fill the void. Although very user-friendly, this compact bike had been specifically designed for first-time riders -- therefore not for seasoned racers. Enthusiasts looking for a versatile dual-purpose motorcycle have long been waiting for a new Yamaha capable of conquering their hearts and souls. It has to be said that many XT350 and WR250F owners transplanted 17-inch wheels to create supermoto-type machines. The manufacturer took notice and made them standard with the new WR250X. This highly-anticipated bike is the first supermoto-type Yamaha to touch Canadian soil, much to the delight of fans of this sport.

2008 Yamaha WR250X

A true factory-tuned supermoto
As it turns out, the WR250X was well worth the wait. Fully armed and dangerous, this thoroughbred is ready to take on the segment leaders. Yamaha engineers make no compromises when they design a sport-oriented motorcycle. Want a proof? The features of the new WR250X stack up against those of the mighty R1, which says an awful lot. No concessions were made; the final product boasts a sought-after look, a mind-blowing chassis and a state-of-the-art engine.

A small but ultra-powerful mill
The WR250X is motivated by a high-output four-stroke engine derived from the famous YZ250F dirt bike and the WR250F enduro race bike. The short 53.6-mm piston stroke is a strong indicator of the kind of performance this unique powerplant can deliver. The four-valve cylinder head relies on a very peculiar yet efficient "pent-roof" design with an impressive 11.8:1 compression ratio, while the electronic fuel injection system features a straight intake port with control valve. This highly sophisticated engine configuration is designed to deliver immediate throttle response while reducing fuel consumption and toxic emissions.

2008 Yamaha WR250X
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