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2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Preview



In order to attract new customers into dealer showrooms, Kawasaki is making no compromises. For 2008, the little Ninja has received many technical upgrades and a whole new design that looks a lot more like the brand's top sportbikes.

Improved engine
The Ninja 250R was primarily designed for the European market where beginning riders are limited to 34-hp motorcycles. This sensible law has contributed to a significant reduction in the number of motorcycle-related accidents. The Ninja 250R targets an extremely large audience with its small engine producing 32 horsepower.

This 8-valve, twin-cylinder powerplant simply loves to rev. Since coming to market, it never ceased to impress journalists and consumers with its peak power available at 11,000 rpm and a stratospheric redline. For 2008, the 249-cc engine has been entirely revised to considerably improve low- and mid-range power, thereby addressing one of the previous model's biggest flaws.

Internal modifications include reshaped intake and exhaust ports, a more compact combustion chamber, thinner valve heads in addition to new camshafts and camchain tensioner -- all enhancing response at medium revs. Power is distributed by a 6-speed transmission specifically designed to make the little Ninja feel more at ease both in the city and on the highway.

Despite not using electronic fuel injection, the engine will be more fuel-efficient than ever thanks to CVK carburetors delivering improved mechanical injection. In addition, dual catalyzers are incorporated to reduce toxic emissions while limiting power loss.

Top-class styling
In terms of styling, the seat and full-fairing bodywork of the new 2008 Ninja 250R are reminiscent of the latest ZX-10R. The headlight, meanwhile, looks awfully similar to the Ninja 650R's. The new front cowl with a shorter top and a flatter mounted windscreen increases aerodynamic efficiency. The slightly forward-slanting seat and wide, raised handlebars allow the Ninja 250R to offer the same natural riding position -- ideal for beginners.
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