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Volkswagen buys 20% of Suzuki - What happens to the bikes in this deal?


by Marc Cantin ,

In a transaction that will likely move VW up to Number 1 car manufacturer in the world, the German omnivore has just entered into a “Sharing” partnership with Suzuki, focusing for now on an exchange of strengths - technical from VW, and small car excellence from Suzuki, especially in high growth markets.

Suzuki “owns” the Indian market, and is well positioned to add high tech engines from VW and gain even more market share across Asia, Africa and Central & South America.

And let us not forget that VW boss Ferdinand Piech loves motorcycles, so that we can expect a little more development money going that way, to push Suzuki back into market leadership, such when the Japanese maker invented the modern sportbike class with the 1985 GSX-R750.

It gets better for the Blue brand, as the some of their outstanding models (SV650, SFV650 Gladius, V-Strom 650 and GSX1250s) would benefit from a bigger marketing budget – the secret has been kept for too long.

This is obviously great news for Suzuki and for Suzuki lovers, when giants such as Honda and BMW Motorrad are going all out to grab market share.