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Volkswagen and Suzuki - Much to come from this alliance



An interesting article at  talks about the strategies and products that are expected to come out of this alliance between a small vehicle specialist and the most important car manufacturer on the planet.

Just take a look at the closing statement that summarizes how VW is positioning itself for the coming green years:

“At this early stage, it's not yet clear to what extent Suzuki motorcycles may also be part of the game plan. According to a source close to (VW Boss - ed) Ferdinand Piech, who had earlier tried to bring Ducati into the fold, VW might be tempted to install low-cost motorcycle engines in a budget-priced metro edition of the NSF. In a second step, the Germans may want to tap their new subsidiary's obvious strength to resurrect the NSU motorcycle company.”

The VW corporate plan for four wheelers is impressive indeed, but I really like a possible foray into the two-wheel world, with scooters and smaller bikes leading the way into developing markets. These new machines may eventually make their way over to this side of the great pond, where they would most likely be sold through new-approach dealers, similar to combined ones from BMW and Honda, or simply through the Internet.

We do live in interesting times.