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Triumph sales up for 2009



In the middle of a collapse of motorcycle sales in all major world markets (30%), gallant Triumph just posted a 2% increase so far in 2009, as well as a 30% increase in world wide market share for bikes over 500cc, now at 4.3%.

Publicity that reflect the attitude of the bike and hits home with the target buyers.

How did they do this? The old fashioned way, with new, more attractive bikes that combine uniqueness, performance and judicious pricing. “If you invest in newer, better targeted models, the buyers will come”, evidently a core belief at Triumph, where 165 of the 650 Triumph UK employees work in design and development.

Triumph’s strategy is to launch at least three new or much evolved models each year, an incredible development rate for a company of that limited size, and one which dealers are happily learning to deal with and grow.

Several models helped make those big numbers for 2009, such as the new Thunderbird, the best-selling Street Triple and Street Triple R, the exciting Speed Triple, and the early-release Special Edition Speed Triple. Expectations are high for the Rocket Roadster, announced this week, and which is aimed directly at the V-Rod & V-Max buyers.

Customer satisfaction is also on the up, with 56% of customers describing their sales experience as “outstanding”, up from 40% two years ago and 33% in 2006.

Triumph are also marketing their brand aggressively, reach their prospective and existing customers through Facebook, Twitter and other such social networking sites, to build brand awareness and retain faithful fans.

Triumph sales in Canada are going through the roof, with a trend-bucking year-to-date increase of 20% over 2008. As in the rest of the world, new and exclusive products are driving these numbers upward.

Chris Ellis, Triumph head-honcho in Canada, adds another spin to explain this growth. “European brands in general are receiving huge attention, and in our case Triumph and its retailers have experienced a significant sales increase. This is likely based on the discriminating buyers still active in the market, and wanting quality and value, but more than that, a chance to show their individuality & GO THEIR OWN WAY!”

Sure seems to work for them!

Photo Credit : Triumph