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Top 10 Best Snowmobiles of 2015


by Pascal Bastien , presents the top 10 best snowmobiles of 2015. These purpose-built machines have all the necessary attributes to excel in their respective segments, and they naturally deliver above-average performance. Criteria like weight, rigidity, body control, ride, and handling all deserve consideration, as does the performance of the engine/drivetrain/track.

Two types of engines are available to customers including 2-stroke (lightweight and powerful) and 4-stroke (clean, reliable, torque-rich) units. Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo offer both, and therefore appear to have the edge over Yamaha (4-stroke only) and Polaris (2-stroke only).

Snowmobile segments explained
A high-performance snowmobile for mechanically groomed trails must be powerful, agile, and easy to exploit both on slick and bumpy terrain. It needs to have quick and sharp weight transfers, plus some oversteer in corners to power its way out in optimum fashion.

A crossover snowmobile typically delivers excellent all-around performance with a bit of added comfort along with the ability to venture away from the trail courtesy of a longer track with deeper lugs.

A touring snowmobile is all about comfort over long distances. Both the ride and engine are smooth and quiet, and the machine overall makes things super-easy and relaxed for the rider and passenger. You'll find plenty of room on board for you and your luggage. Fuel economy is important, too.

A mountain snowmobile is the one with the longest, widest and deepest track, large skis for superior floatation, and a powerful engine that will please riders seeking adrenaline-filled, off-trail adventures.

Here then are's top 10 best snowmobiles of 2015:

No. 10
2015 Ski-Doo Expedition SE 900 ACE

The Expedition SE, based on the REV-XU platform, is one of the most competent and versatile sleds on the market. Its new, 4-stroke 900 ACE engine is fuel-efficient, smooth, quiet, easy to exploit, and generous in low- and mid-range torque. BRP only needs to fine-tune the ride-by-wire system and make it more precise for this model to become the leading choice of two-up touring enthusiasts.

Ski-Doo Expedition SE 900 ACE
Photo: Ski-Doo

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