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Sea-Doo: What's new for 2010



The most varied range of products in the personal watercraft industry is looking even better this year, with the arrival of revamped RXT, GTX and Wake Pro models, now featuring the revolutionary intelligent safety and control system dubbed iControl, launched a year ago on the sporty RXT iS.

Photo: Sea-Doo

iControl combines several new electronic systems that make for a user-friendlier – and especially safer – experience:

• A neutral mode that disconnects the turbine from the engine, like the mechanical neutral of an outboard engine, so you can dock the machine without turning the engine off. The system also allows you to start the engine and let it warm up before taking off by engaging the turbine with a button on the right grip.

• The very first water brake for this class of watercraft, the PWC braking system (iBR), a Sea-Doo exclusive, features a brake lever on the left grip, just like an ATV. Squeezing the lever shuts the throttle, deploys a deflector at the turbine exit, and then reopens the throttle. The reversed thrust cuts braking by up to two thirds when compared to the competition.

• Two engine modes (iTC). The “Touring” mode offers progressive engine response and reduced fuel consumption, and the “Sport” mode produces a more immediate throttle response for sportier driving. What’s more, the throttle – ECU link is by wire, and features cruise control.

• The Wake Pro 215 features 5 dedicated ski modes, from laid-back to explosive, to set the machine’s dynamics to the rider’s and skier’s skill level.

The S3 hull launched on the 2009 iS model is now a staple of the RXT, GTX and Wake Pro 215. Twenty-two kilos lighter, the S3 hull is comprised of two main parts, a pronounced V-shaped front end that stabilizes the machine in straight line and improves the “Bite” on turns, and a rear end shaped to reduce hydrodynamic drag. The reduced drag means less fuel consumption or higher speeds, depending on your budget and riding preference.

What’s more, grooves under the hull increase its toughness and improve water flow, contributing to the stability of the machine at higher speeds. Lastly, splash deflectors at the front and on the sides help keep the rider nice and dry.

The RXT, GTX and Wake Pro models use the Rotax 4-TEC engine with its closed-loop cooling system. The three-cylinder, 1,494-cc mill kicks out 155 hp in its naturally aspirated incarnation on the GTX, and 215 hp in its supercharged version on the RXT and Wake Pro.

Sea-Doo is continuously improving its products, offering up an innovative and varied range for 2010 that goes way beyond that of the competition, and featuring iControl, the most sophisticated watercraft technology in the industry.